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4 days ago

MySQL's JSON Data Type from Dave Stokes

With the close of 2015, we come to the end of a fantastic year for the PHP community. With major milestones such as PHP 7 all the way to coming technologies such as Docker finding their footholds in the community, it has been a very eventful and productive year for PHP developers. As such, I'd like to cover a few of the great things that have come of this latest solar cycle and look ahead to what we can hope to see in 2016. PHP 7 Released Naturally this is going to be the big one. After years of waiting for PHP 6 to be released, the internals (... Read More)

Maksim Pecherskiy, CDO of the city of San Diego, presentation on Open Data and how the City of San Diego is making their data available for consumption. You can reach  Maksim on Twitter or by Email.     Slides can be found on slides.com

Thanks to everyone who could attend. The slides below all have notes linking to the RFC's related to the slide as well as a short description of the feature.

How many SDPHP members can you spot in this picture from this years php[tek] in Chicago. More than 3 less than 100. Also not all of them have presented for SDPHP, yet.  

Last week myself and Thomas Rideout (PFY on IRC and @realrideout on twitter) got an opportunity to interview Taylor Otwell, the creator of the Laravel Framework for the San Diego Laravel User Group.  It was a good time. Have a watch.  

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